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Drones are a regular part of puzzles in The Talos Principle, being large, silver spheres that patrol areas and must be avoided. They buzz, beep, and send out harmless lasers when the player gets within range of them (or they get too close to the player). If the player gets too close, they will pursue them and detonate upon reaching them, resetting the puzzle. Hexahedrons can be placed on top of them, allowing the player to safely ride them.


There are a couple of ways to deal with drones. The main one is to simply avoid them, though this isn't always possible, especially if they're in a narrow hallway or two or more are moving in sync with each other. In these cases, using a jammer on them, putting a shield between you and them, or guiding them towards a turret (which they will also detonate on) may allow you to move past them.

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